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Hi! I am Anwesha Bhattacharya. I am a Counselling Psychologist working independently in India. Currently, I provide online counselling so that we can create an accepting space in our sessions to achieve our goals. 

I continue to try to broaden my horizons as a therapist and consider culture, societal influence, gender, identity, and systemic impact of the same. I believe therapy is a collaborative process and every individual has their unique strengths that they can bring to the forefront during sessions.

Over the course of four years, I have had the opportunity to speak to many wonderful people of different age groups, to know their  journeys, their purpose of coming to therapy, and their goal to prioritize themselves. I realize that opening up to a stranger can be scary, and I do hope that I can provide a safe space to be vulnerable, to collaborate, and to work on achieving our therapy goals together.

I have completed my Masters in Psychological Counselling from Montfort College, Bangalore, and have previously worked as a Trainee Counsellor under Montfort College. I have also worked as a Consultant Psychologist with Hope Trust and YourDost. I previously provided sessions on audio, video and text based formats on, Google Meet and YourDost's own platforms.


I am qualified to deal with diverse psychological issues such as Stress, Anxiety, Bullying, Issues of Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal and Relationship Conflicts, Behavioural/mood Changes, Phobia as Well as Self-esteem Issues. I do not provide clinical diagnosis or conduct psychological tests as of now but any changes to that will always be updated. I provide Sessions in- English, Bangla, Hindi, and Assamese.

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